Top Cloud Trends
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There are many ideas on what the current and future cloud trends are.  This is my take on what’s happening and what will happen this year. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity as a service Everyone is looking for a model that has no down time, even in times of a disaster.  This was called hot site failover, and still follows the same thought process.  The cloud offers this service to companies without forcing them to provide their own dedicated infrastructure, even if they keep their production systems in-house. Managed private clouds are the wave of now.  Many are building their…

IBM Acquires SoftLayer
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In what has been described as a bold move last week, IBM announced the intent to acquire SoftLayer Technologies, a fast growing global Cloud provider. SoftLayer focusses on medium sized companies, a market that historically IBM has struggled to penetrate. SoftLayer brings a range of technologies that complement IBM’s offerings in the cloud space, as well as a flexible approach to provisioning cloud that allows customers to have dedicated hardware alongside virtual instances. We are very excited by the prospect of adding SoftLayer capabilities to our portfolio.    

How do you know if the ‘cloud’ makes sense for your organization?
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The cloud includes services, servers, data, infrastructure, operating systems, middleware, firewalls, and security – anything that is in a private or corporate IT department.  Cloud allows companies to host their environment somewhere other than their own building or data center. Compliance and security are also available in the cloud model. Today’s IT environment is continuously evolving – to meet business needs, models and technologies.  The move from capital expense to operating expense is also a key business directive, as is reputational management.  100% uptime, fantastic customer service, the highest skills available, are all the expected and not the exception anymore….